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I'm Senior Narrative Designer with Sony VR. This is my website.

October 2012,‘Transmedia Fairy Tales’ at Fairytales Reimagined symposium, University Technology Sydney, Australia

March 2013, ‘Transmedia Memory in Shared Storyworlds’, Research Seminar, Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, Kings College, University of London,  UK

June 2012, Various panels, Continuum 8 Convention, Melbourne, Australia

November 2011, Speculative Fiction Writers’ Festival, NSW Writers Centre, Sydney, Australia

October 2010, ‘Steamplay:  Play and Memory in the Creation of Steampunk’ at Memory, Identity and New Fantasy Cultures conference, Kingston University, UK

July 2012, 'The Language of No Media’ at Crossroads conference, Paris, France

June 2012, ‘Transmedia Memory Flows’ Keynote Presentation at Interventions and Intersections conference, School of Humanities and Communications, University of Western Sydney, Australia

July 2012, ‘Transmedia Memory’ at Mix: Transmedia Writing and Digital Cultures conference, Bath Spa University, UK

June 2011, ‘A Taxonomy of Transmedia Storytelling’ at Storyworlds Across Media conference, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany

January 2011, ‘Universal Stories:  Fantasy, Memory and Transmediality’ at Technologies of Transmediality conference, University of Bristol, UK

July 2010, ‘There Can Be Only One:  Canon and Memory in the Writing of Highlander Spinoff Material’ at Remake/Remodel, New Perspectives on Remakes, Film Adaptations and Fan Productions conference, University of Gottingen, Germany

June 2006, ‘All Games Are Memory Games’ at MindPlay Symposium, London Metropolitan University, London, UK

June 2006, ‘Playing the City’ at LoveBytes Festival, Sheffield, UK

May 2005, ‘Remembrance of Things Fast’ at Playing the Past: Nostalgia in Video Games and Electronic Literature, University of Florida, Gainsville, Florida, US

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