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Lead Writer, Sony PlayStation London. Writer of games, books, audio and comics.

Commando The Cold War by CB Harvey

From Commando Comics...


As World War Two draws to a close, a British special forces unit engage in a secret mission far to the snowy north, aimed at halting German progress on new devastating weapons and bringing the war to a swift conclusion.


But the mission brings a bitter taste. As they compete to snatch a Nazi scientist, ally turns against ally as they battle in


The Cold War


written by CB Harvey


art by Vila


cover by Janek Matysiak

Phase Shift

My Terror Tale comic story 'Phase Shift' appears in the galaxy's mightiest comic, 2000AD!

Karl escaping

In addition to my role as Narrative Designer on the Sniper Elite 4 game, I wrote a prequel tie-in comic entitled Andartes and beautifully illustrated by Ben Willsher.