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I'm currently Lead Writer with Sony's PlayStation London Studio. I was co-writer and Senior Narrative Designer on Blood and Truth, a Virtual Reality thriller starring Colin Salmon, Natasha Little and Felix Scott. It received a Metacritic of 80% and was the first feature-length VR game to go to Number One in the chart.

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In 2012, while living in the Blue Mountains, Australia, I participated in Pecha Kucha presentation entitled 'Everything You Know About

Videogames Is Wrong'. The link is on

the right.


My previous projects include Rebellion's Sniper Elite 4 and uncredited work on Strange Brigade. I also worked on The Getaway: Black Monday and the unreleased 'classic' Eight Days, both for Sony. I've also written for the Judge Dredd roleplaying miniatures game and The Noks Collecting and Battles Game.

In 2003 I was approached by Massachusetts Institute of Technology to adapt Shakespeare's The Tempest into a videogame, a project which was to be jointly developed with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Unfortunately, the project was never pursued beyond its intitial conceptual stages.

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